Loveland Chiropractic & Back Pain Treatment

Tired of persistent back pain?
 that pain causes you to miss out with family & friends
 prior treatments provided only temporary relief?

Dr. Gil understands the challenges in locating a Loveland chiropractic doctor who understands your specific challenges and offers treatment that is personalized to your individual needs.  At Loveland Chiropractic office, you can count on 100% personalized service all the time from a Loveland Chiropractor who has a passion for helping you.

What People Say About Dr. Gil and The Loveland Chiropractic Office

Our Philosophy

Dr Gil and his staff offer hope, grace, and honesty. If we find we can help or not, we will tell you from the beginning, straight, and to the point. A Loveland Chiropractor that will not waste your time or money.

If you’re like our current patients, you may be suffering from unresolved health problems or back pain, and have visited several doctors and chiropractors in Loveland.  Getting yourself in front of the right doctor that has experienced your unique situation can make a world of difference.  Dr. Gil often sees patients with a complex diagnosis that requires additional treatment, more than simple “bones out of place pinching nerves” as many chiropractors talk about.

As an example:  The back and leg discomfort you experience may be a result of muscles not firing properly.  Nerve messages are garbled by a bulging or herniated disc. This may result in, arthritis developed up in the spine. Arthritic joints can cause structural faults and poor posture.  At the end of the day, to expect a favorable outcome from Loveland Chiropractic treatment, is heavily weighted on a doctor and patient understanding the signals (common and uncommon) of what’s wrong. This includes understanding all the signs of the symptoms, how they’re related to one another, and how to most effectively treat the base of the problem, not just the problematic area.

Don’t Give up!
With so many problems that could be going on simultaneously in the body, it’s no wonder why people are frustrated, fatigued and sick!  Sometimes certain factors are overlooked or ignored. Dr. Coleman says “the reason many people around Loveland get frustrated with their healthcare is because they have not found”:
1) A Doctor that can be approached and takes a personal interest in patients needs
2) A Doctor that takes the time to ask specific condition questions
3) A Doctor that takes the time to understand you and where your pain originated
4) And lastly, people are frustrated because their chiropractic treatments are not personalized to their specific needs and modified as your needed

Do You Want A Great Loveland Chiropractic Experience?   Do you have constant nagging back pain, sore shoulders, neck or legs or a  sport injury that keeps coming back? You need a specific success formula. Couple having a Loveland Chiropractor that’s motivated to serve people, with greater than 30 years of Chiropractic experience using specialized equipment, and you will find success.  Combine this with treatment that’s always being refined to meet your needs and goals, and you now have your winning formula.

Call our Loveland chiropractor office at 970-493-3100, and schedule your initial appointment today.  You’ll receive a complimentary 20-minute consultation to determine if we can solve your problem. Sit down with Dr. Gil and see how you feel working together.  No strings, No pressure. Free of charge.

For More information: Learn more about our Loveland sport & spine center, and Dr. Coleman by reading about Our Unique Approach.

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