Health Resources

Below are some of Fort Collins Chiropractor Gil Coleman’s favorite health resources. From chiropractic and nutritional information, to holistic and dental resources, Dr. Coleman has a recommendation the trusted resources below.

Chiropractic Directory

Dr. Coleman’s Favorite’s
Kids & Chiro-
Miramont Lifestyle Fitness-
Colorado Chiropractic Association
Whole Foods –
Davinci Labs –
Metagenics –
Today’s Chiropractic Magazine-
Stretching – Bob Anderson
National Vaccine Information Center NVIC –
Children’s spine safe backpacks –
Tri-Life Health (Dr. Roger Billica)

Chiropractic Organizations

Resources for Kids

Nutrition and Exercise

Center for Fitness

Meditation and Thought

Acupuncture Services

Dental Services

Homeopathic Resources