Car Accident Treatment and Whiplash Advice: Your CO Auto Policy Will Pay For Injury Treatment

It’s that time of year when the roads get slick and car accident whiplash injuries become more common. When people are in a festive mood and ready for good times, a car accident is one of the worst things that can ruin good times. In the case of our patient Bill, he was out of work for over a year and was involved in an accident that was not his fault. Bill incurred significantly more damage to his physical body than to his car. Fortunately Bill had the sense to have “medical payments coverage” on his auto policy. If he didn’t have the medical payments auto coverage, he told me point blank that “there would be no way I could afford to pay for the auto accident treatment office because of being out of work and having limited health insurance coverage”.

car accident whiplash informationThe point of this quick post is to make sure you have peace of mind if the unfortunate circumstance occurs where you have an auto accident.

Colorado Auto Medical Payments Coverage is important for several reasons:
1. It becomes your primary form of insurance coverage in the case of an accident.
2. Offsets the need to spend thousand of dollars on high deductible health insurance
3. You are free to go to ANY doctor or hospital of your choice.
4. No doctor or hospital referrals or authorizations are required
5. Medical payments covers you and any person in your vehicle at the time of the accident.
6. Traditional Health insurance coverage is used only after your auto policy limits have been exhausted.
7. And lastly, medical payments coverage is CHEAP. On many policies, coverage for $5,000 to $25,000 costs around $3 to $10/month.

A ride in an ambulance, helicopter flight, or emergency room visit can eat through 10’s of thousands of dollars in covered benefits in a split second! Chiropractic services while much less expensive than emergency services are also a covered benefit, and again eliminate the need for insurance referrals and authorizations.

Each healthcare is changing not for the better. Take a few minutes and call your insurance agent and discuss your current coverage limits on this important benefit. Our Fort Collins office treats auto injuries and pain including whiplash, muscle spasm, and joint disorders.

Lastly, one of our community service outreach program goals this year is to educate insurance companies and their employees about the effects of whiplash and soft tissue injuries that commonly occur in motor vehicle accidents. Let us know your agents name and phone number and we will contact them to offer them this free educational program in the comfort of their office.
Safe travels…

Suffering from pain because of a car accident and need help?

Call our Fort Collins auto accident treatment center at 970-493-3100 and schedule an appointment today.  We offer a complimentary 20-minute consultation including free x-ray/MRI review to determine if we can help you. Sit down with Dr. Gil and see how you feel working together.  No strings, No pressure. No charge. Simply our experience working to help you.

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