Our Unique Approach

Have you been recommended a long-term chiropractic treatment plan and asked to “pay in advance”?  How comfortable are you with this process?

Unfortunately, for Fort Collins chiropractic centers, this is relatively common. We do not “sell” care plans with a presentation where you will asked to pay “up front” for care. Our patients tell us this is an area that frequently causes them to become frustrated and disappointed with their experience prior to seeing us. This process has also armed them with being guarded and distrustful.   Tactics that are used to predict treatment requirements that are motivated by financial gain at a time when someone is in pain is manipulative. Clearly everyone and their health needs are unique, and no doctor has a crystal ball to know exactly how long or often someone will need care.

A Better Way to Health
Dr. Coleman has excellent listening skills and takes time to understanding people and their concerns. He has a passion for finding solutions to challenging problems that occur as puzzles. His detective like approach creates clarity, direction, and hope.

The Discovery Trial
Patients who have complex and challenging problems that are severe and or long term conditions often require multiple treatment elements to create a health care solution.  Dr. Coleman created what he calls a discovery trial of treatment for these types of patients. A Discovery Trial is usually advised in several situations: 1) You have seen multiple specialists without acceptable results. 2) You have tried a variety of treatments including: chiropractic, surgery, epidural steroid injections, acupuncture, massage, and or drug therapy without resolution. 3) Patients have a severe condition such as herniated disc, ruptured disc, degenerative disc, long term migraine headache pain, post surgical pain, chronic muscle pain and spasm, and fibromyalgia. 4) Neurological conditions such as Menier’s Disease, neuropathy, sciatica, and numbness in the arms or legs. 5) Sports injuries to the rotator cuff, hip and knee.

If a discovery trial is recommended, the time and recommended treatment elements are vary considerably based on individual needs.  Typically trial recommendations last between 3 and 8 weeks.  A trial is designed to help both the doctor and patient attack the problem through a variety of methods each of which solves a portion of the problem  you are suffering from.  Patient response and findings are carefully documented and tracked.  One of the benefits of a trial is to determine which elements of treatment are providing the best results and the most impact. Those that do not show acceptable benefit are eliminated.  A trial is usually aggressive in the sense of being comprehensive, but NOT in terms of force. A trial is designed to generate traction and create results where patient response can be documented. Patients should not expect that their condition will be “fixed” within a trial period. However, it is very common that by the end of trial most patients find themselves feeling far better than than they ever thought possible.

To create respectable results from your care, there must be a “plan” in place that includes adapting to your changing needs as treatment progresses. This includes not only how often your are seen and for how long, but more importantly, WHAT is being done and for what reasons.  Bottom line, in our office there is ALWAYS clear communication between Dr. Coleman and the patient, and everyone is treated with respect. Dr. Coleman works with you in partnership to accomplish your goals.

Measuring improvement as your care progresses demonstrates whether or not your care is working.   Because we attract patients with challenging problems, about 5% of patients are very slow to respond, 15% respond gradually,  and roughly 80% of people respond faster than they expect.   Patient response is directly related to the quality information gathering up front during consultation with a thorough review of past health history, findings uncovered during initial examination, and testing of treatment methods used during a trial.

How do we measure improvement? The improvements we measure are objective and evidence based. Examples include: measured changes on comparative x-rays, range of motion testing, neurological changes including  deep tendon reflex, muscle strength testing, skin sensory testing, tissue tone, flexibility, and changes in inflammation.  As the body heals, people experience improvement in  physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  And, they are able to do activities they couldn’t before.

Dr. Coleman’s Goals:
Discover the root of problems, explain it in an understandable way, treat it efficiently, and give patients responsibility to support themselves at home to empower their health with exercises, nutritional support and stretching as appropriate.

Another Unique Difference
Dr. Gil is one of the roughly 3% of chiropractors nationally who is trained using an Osteopathic method to treat tension and strain on brain meninges which is extremely effective for treating migraines, headaches, Menier’s disease, dizziness, brain fog, confusion, ADD/ADHD, and bipolar disorder. He developed a specialized and effective treatment method for muscle disorders including fibromyalgia and rotator cuff that uniquely combines stretching, exercise, rehabilitation, and myofascial release methods all into one treatment.

Dr. Coleman’s vision to solved problems extends beyond the spine.  He considers how factors of the feet, knees, pelvis  and ergonomics impact a person. He treats feet, extremities, and muscle dysfunction with a variety of methods including the best options for custom orthotics in Fort Collins.  He is also one of very few Fort Collins chiropractic service providers to offer Spinal Decompression. In addition, Dr. Coleman is also recognized for being a leader in Fort Collins Migraine and headache treatment, and for opening and operating the successful Sports Injury Clinic, The Wellness Center for Sport and Spine.

Call our Fort Collins chiropractic office at 970-493-3100 and schedule an appointment today.  We offer a complimentary 20-minute consultation to determine if we can help you. Sit down with Dr. Gil and see how you feel working together.  No strings, No pressure. No charge. We are here to help. Whatever it takes!

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