If You’re Not Satisfied You Don’t Pay

Dr Gil Coleman Chiropractor | Top Rated Chiropractor in Fort Collins & Northern Colorado

We are living in unprecedented times and wasting time and money it’s never a good thing, especially now. After 30 years of helping people I’ve learned a few things!

Most people who call or are referred to my office are seen for an initial visit that includes a consultation and examination (Cost $165 for 1 hour). However, I don’t accept all patients for care because I’m not able to help everyone who walks in my door.  Of the patients I believe I can help, based on examination, consultation, and health history information, I’m able to help about 92%. This is NOT a promise of cure, or a guarantee of results, but rather 30 years of work that lead me to the following reality:

Experience is Knowledge
Knowledge is Confidence
Confidence is Success

I am passionate about helping people find answers and solutions for unresolved pain, and health problems they have not been able to find elsewhere.

You Don’t Pay if You’re Not Satisfied
On any visit if you are not satisfied with my care you will not pay! To be clear, this satisfaction does NOT mean that you will leave feeling “like new” and or “not in pain”.  It means that I will listen and respond uniquely to you and your needs, and care for you in a way you have long expected and deserve. My recommendations will be made specific to you personally. If in the unlikely event I come up short, hold onto your wallet.  Expect miracles but know healing takes time.   Very often I’ve heard patients tell me that “I have never felt heard by my doctors until I came to you”.  I believe it should be the rule not the exception that everyone is “heard and listened to” by every doctor. Oftentimes I find that outstanding results show up because I listen first, and ask a lot of questions which results in the recommendations I make for patients.

A few comments about Patient Satisfaction
1. If you’re looking to take advantage of somebody do not call me.
2. If you’re looking for something for nothing, again please do not call me.
3. If in the unlikely event you are unsatisfied, you are responsible to say something at the time of your visit (not 1 day or 3 months later!), and please tell me what made you feel this way.
4. It’s NOT acceptable to be unsatisfied because of my fee schedule because I ALWAYS review ALL fees and costs and get patient agreement (or not) BEFORE any services are provided.

I am wise, and bright. I’m only interested in helping people who genuinely are looking for solutions. And I am willing to bet I can help about 9 out of 10 people.  Please, do not waste my time your your own. If you really need and want help, I am here to assist you and find answers and make sure you are indeed satisfied.

Cost of Care
Typically, the longer someone has suffered, the more damage and complicated the recovery. Candidly, treatment may be considered “expensive” by some standards for people who have chronic unresolved conditions when compared to other health centers. On the other hand, some people have had very expensive and time consuming treatment regiments (10’s of thousands of dollars and years) prior to visiting my office, and do NOT require anything but simple inexpensive treatment that produces results.  I am an evidence-based doctor and determine what needs to be done based on facts.

I think it’s more expensive to live with unresolved pain and not be able to do activities you want when you want. I understand people need to be able to afford the care they need.  Truthfully, sometimes it just doesn’t work out. The overwhelming majority of the time however, the value of care and results are there which is why I am very successful in helping people.

About My Office
I do not have a high-volume practice or have a big staff. All of this is intentional. My approach is rather simple and old school. I am an excellent listener and problem-solver. I love finding answers and solutions for difficult unresolved pain, and health challenges. Equally important, I build relationships with my patients.  Success in my office looks like Partnership and Teamwork.

I find it incredibly rewarding to help people and the smiles on people’s faces and dozens of 5-star online reviews confirm I am doing good work. 

You should know in advance that I do not participate on any insurance plans. Again, this is intentional because the type of care I offer. The quality of care and time it takes to do the best work possible doesn’t fit inside the bureaucracy of insurance.  You will be required to pay for services at the time they are received unless of course you are unsatisfied.  Our computer systems are setup on request to submit an electronic claim to your carrier as a courtesy.

I have a Unique Approach and am NOT a 1-trick pony who does the same thing on every visit. Are you looking for solutions and answers and trying to find the right doctor to help you? Please call me. I would be more than happy to see if and how I can help you. 970-493-3100. Doing “Whatever it Takes” to get you better.