Chronic Unresolved Pain

Are you 45 – 65 and worked hard for years, and now find yourself in a state of bewilderment, stress, and frustration because your changing health?

Are you frustrated…
…you have NEVER received an explanation of WHY you are suffering, and WHAT needs to be done to either RESOLVE or dramatically improve what’s wrong?
…doctors don’t seem to think outside of conventional wisdom and help you solve the puzzle?
…doctors do not take a personal interest in you?
…doctors do not take time to understand YOU and you feel STUCK?
…doing the same thing over and want to get off the hamster wheel?

Do you believe “there is an answer” to your problem?  Maybe you need someone to partner with who thinks “outside the box” and can truly offer you a unique perspective and solution that’s results driven?

Who is a good fit for our office?
Let’s “begin with the end in mind”:  Imagine, you have already treated with Dr. Gil Coleman and found that you’re not only satisfied, but you’re BACK to FREEDOM in your life doing what you want, when you want, and enjoying your life with those you love.  WOW! Sounds too good to be true?  This is what we see every day in our office. No kidding. Read Google or Yelp reviews and see what people say themselves.  The “WOW” you’re looking for is likely and possible for you, IF you find the RIGHT PARTNER focused on your HEALTH, and not your DIS-EASE.

“The Dr. Gil Experience”
Back to “Beginning with the End in Mind”:  Throughout your care, you have had what we call the “Dr. Gil Experience”.  What’s that you say?  You feel heard, listened to, and understood with genuine authentic concern. Each time you have been seen, you have been carefully examined and been given recommendations that are personalized for you and you alone.  Your treatment recommendations make sense to you because #1) you understand what your problem is, and #2) you understand all parts of the action plan, what they do, and why.  In our office, you have NEVER been asked to sign a contract or pay “up front” for a predetermined amount of care. Why not? Making these arrangements in advance of knowing how your body will respond slow, fast, middle of the road or not at all makes no sense, and it’s just not Dr. Coleman’s style.  If you respond faster than expected and pay in advance somewhere else do you get a refund?

The treatment you’ve had has changed, adapting to meet your needs at the time you are seen. Since your care began in our office, you and Dr. Gil have developed a relationship that is natural, warm, upbeat, and fun.  His sense of humor is sometimes enough to make you laugh, and he continues to make you feel comfortable like your hanging out with an old friend you have known for years.  All the while, Gil has been working hard getting a lot done as your health improves.  The symptoms you had somehow began to fade because you’re HEALING!  He has documented your chart with copious notes that has intimately tracked your progress. The result of your care???  REPLACEMENT!  Of what you ask? Replacement of aches and pains, disability, limitation, fear, anxiety, depression and oftentimes years of frustration WITH Hope, Confidence, Joy, and Freedom to do what you want!  It’s very exciting, and his approach works like Gravity. You don’t even have to “believe” in it.

We don’t make promises we can’t keep.  Instead, Dr. Gil has an attitude that is summarized in 3 simple words: “Whatever It Takes” which means, that when you work with him, you have a committed listener, and partner you can lean on. Together you work as partners in your health as a TEAM.

Are you inspired to find the Hope? Hope that things will get better?

We know WHO is a good fit for our office because over the last 30-years, we’ve seen a few things. Most of our greatest success stories have seen literally DOZENS of doctors before walking in our door. They have been disappointed and beyond frustrated in not finding solutions to resolve their condition. But, fortunately, they kept looking for answers and found us.

STOP BEING UPSET because you have missed out on FUN, family functions, and doing activities that you love because you hurt! CALL Dr. Gil now and get your Life back! 970-493-3100.