Muscle and Joint Rehab

Muscle and Joint Pain Relief in Fort Collins Colorado

Muscle and Joint Pain Relief in Fort Collins Colorado

Frustrated Your Treatment Helps for Only Hours or Days?

Therapeutic muscle and joint rehabilitation, and therapeutic exercise therapy methods are some of the most distinguishing factors that make Dr Coleman’s practice different from other chiropractors.

Typically, many of Dr Coleman patients are found to have when he calls “shorten muscle syndrome” (SMS) which means muscles that are no longer elastic, pliable and flexible. Chronic pain and traumatic injuries often result in soft tissue damage including scar tissue formation, joint mobility restrictions, stiffness, and pain. If you feel you have to stretch all the time but it never helps for very long, you may have SMS.

How the Treatment Works
This method of therapy is designed to elongate shortened muscle patterns by putting a muscle and associated joints through a variety of positions. The treatment includes stretching, exercises, and resistance activities that Dr. Coleman actively performs. The benefit is reconditioning damages muscles that do not have proper elasticity, circulation, and pliability. Doing these types of treatments helps people heal faster, prevents the problem from returning, and reduces the amount of repeat visits patients require.

Rationale for Treating the Muscular Component
The difference between Dr Coleman and others may be that others may not know what, or how to administer the most appropriate treatment for the muscle part of your problem. The result, other doctors may not discuss or recommend this type of treatment method. Dr. Coleman has a saying “…these muscle imbalances are so common, I expect most people have it until proven otherwise” Which means we’re always looking for it…When it’s top of mind, you don’t miss it. When you have to remember, it’s often missed.”

Unfortunately a majority of our patients express disappointment and frustration from prior attempts in treatment that have not focused on the muscular component of their problem. Dr Coleman feels it is essential that more challenging conditions be treated by using a synergistic approach that frequently involves multiple components of care. In sharp contrast, it is common that patients often report during an initial consultation that prior treatment attempts have failed and did not include attention or care directed toward the muscular piece of the puzzle. Missing a critical element in your healthcare will not help you arrive at a solution to create success. It may in fact move you further away.

Does this sound like your experience?
Call our office today at 1-970-493-3100 and schedule a consultation and examination. We believe you may be like the many people who have written reviews on Google and Yelp about their experience with Dr. Coleman, and that you too will find his care refreshing. Dr. Coleman has 30 years of experience and is an excellent listener, and truly wants to help you find a solution for your concerns. The details of your concerns will be heard, understood, and documented, and will form the foundation of a proper and complete examination. Get the rest of your life back on track today. The first step is to give us a call!

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