Family Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic for FamiliesThe benefit of children receiving chiropractic treatments is necessary because developing bodies require a properly functioning nervous system. Over the course of time, a child’s healthy development and function is dependent on the relationship between structure and function.

Unmistakably, Chiropractic is certainly helpful for treating injuries, pain, joint and muscle problems, and sports injuries amongst other conditions. Asthma allergies and ear infections however are the three most common reasons children visit Dr Coleman. The reason chiropractic helps children as well as adults it’s because the focus of care is centered on clearing the nervous system of interference.

family chiropractor fort collinsThe bony spinal column protects the sensitive nerve rich spinal cord from damage and also allows for mobility. When the body can’t adapt to physical, chemical or emotional stress, muscles spasm and become taught stiff or tight, and joints may shift their aligned position. A small shift in spinal alignment can result in irritating delicate nerves that exit between the spinal bones. Nerves extend from the spinal cord to target tissues throughout the body including organs, glands, muscles, bone, skin, blood vessels etc.

Bottom line: a child with a nervous system functioning at a 100% of their human potential helps them more easily avoid colds, illness, allergies and aches and pains. It stands to reason therefore that a child that is well functions better in life, school, sports and in social circles. Treatment in our office adapts individually to each patient whether the patient is an infant, adolescence, adult or elderly person.

Have questions? Please call our office at 1-970-493-3100 and schedule consultation and examination for your child. Does you child have a learning disability, or suffer from migraine or headache pain that interferes with their ability to do school work. Click here to read about cranial meningeal release therapy.

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