Meet Dr. Gil

Meet Dr. Gil Coleman, a leading Fort Collins Chiropractor with 30 years of experience helping people. Dr. Coleman’s philosophy and practice style was inspired by his father. In 1995 his father’s health suffered with a terminal cancer diagnosis. What followed was an experience into the world of big medicine including top rated doctors and hospitals  in New York City that are considered “the best” at what they do . They “gave” his father 6 months to live provided he do chemotherapy treatment, which he did not. Instead Gil’s father chose to combine alternative medicine with traditional medical care alternatives to chemo to treat cancer and lived 4 years before he passed.

The “Best” vs. the Alternative
An experience emerged during the 4 years of cancer treatment that resulted in a profound change for Dr. Gil.   On the mainstream side of his fathers care, Dr. Gil was able to observe the challenges that were present for the patient, family, and doctors.  There was a lot of frustration that was built into the system that was simply “unnecessary”. Patient records were incomplete, scheduling was inaccurate, doctors didn’t call to follow up after surgeries, and much more.

In sharp contrast, the complementary medicine (non drug) side of his fathers care was uplifting and inspired by staff and doctors who smiled and laughed and gave his father (and family) Hope!  How refreshing.  The unique treatment methods provided were designed to build the body’s strength to fight cancer compared to chemotherapy which is well know to break the immune system down.

A Wellness Approach Reborn
Losing his father to cancer and seeing what “the best” had to offer became the fuel that fed Dr. Gil’s desire to offer people in our community real hope and something truly unique and more effective.

The experience described above had Dr. Gil completely re-invent his practice, purpose, and philosophy.  He saw the patients’ point of view much more clearly, including their frustration of not being heard or understood, and upset that doctors didn’t take the time necessary to help solve their problem. The chiropractic profession looked different to Gil and an opportunity to serve people who were at the end of their rope emerged.

The Patient Centered Experience
In 1998 Dr. Gil created a patient centered experience with a genuine desire to serve people with joy and kindness, backed by refined skills.  Patient care was fully tailored for each person. Next, he changed the way patients were scheduled. He planned his daily patient appointments in such a way that allowed him to have the time necessary to listen and understanding people, and their concerns.  Later, he transformed his record keeping from hand written to electronic medical records that allowed him to track tremendous details of patient care and also assisted in coordination of care with other physicians. After the infrastructure of a patient focused wellness center was designed, Dr. Coleman continued to invest in the most advanced medical equipment to provide faster and more precise results for patients.

Dr. Coleman says “it takes more than great skill and modern equipment to create outstanding results…it takes inspiration, intention, and passion.”

Gil is the proud father of two beautiful and amazing children, Jennifer and Matt and live in Fort Collins. They are all sports fans. Gil is a passionate fly fisherman and outdoorsman who enjoys camping, hiking,  and cycling. He is also an accomplished photographer with a focus on nature and landscape, and sports photography.