Oil Field, Construction & Industrial Workers

Heavy Industrial Back Pain SolutionsNo Need To Man Up And Suffer!
Work with pain or risk losing your job?
What do you do?

Choosing the right approach can make all the difference.

Oil field, industrial, and construction workers know this better than anybody. You do the work you do because the money is great but, when the pain won’t stop, you’re stuck in a bad place, literally.

The longer you’re away from your wife and kids and working long days, the more it affects your mood and sleep. The pain worsens with certain movements and positions, but the physical demands don’t stop. You have to keep working or risk losing your job! And, with low oil prices, cutbacks are top of mind for employers, so you feel your job is really on the line. Our patients report increasing their consumption of alcohol to deal with pain just to help them sleep. The impact on your body is clear. It affects your mind, body and spirit.

The best thing you can do for yourself is find out what can be done to help get rid of your pain. Don’t assume your situation is permanent or can’t be treated without invasive treatment such as surgery.

At the Wellness Center for Sport and Spine, Dr. Coleman understands the challenges of mental and physical stress. He understands the impact on you (and your family) working in the oil field, industrial, and construction environments. Our goal is to help you get out of pain fast, and assist you in a quick and efficient recovery. We want to keep you from returning to a state of pain so you can continue to work. Dr. Coleman does “whatever it takes” to get you better.

Working with any chiropractor may help you in the short term. Choosing the right chiropractor however, can help you have less need for treatment during the time you’re on the job and far from home. The difference is in the doctor’s experience, philosophy, skills, and approach.

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Dr. Coleman doesn’t take baby steps in his treatment recommendations. He knows you need to be healthy to keep working to earn your paycheck. This means getting serious about accomplishing what normally occurs in months in weeks. One of the greatest challenges is the on/off work schedule in oil field and industrial work. While you’re off, it’s important to have a doctor who will be flexible scheduling your appointments, and has the experience and skills you need.

Stop suffering. Call Dr. Gil Coleman now 1-970-493-3100. With 30-years of experience he will provide a change in attitude towards your physical awareness and fitness. We are here to help. Whatever it takes!