Where is your faith?

Do you have more faith in a pill, a shot, a vitamin, or an herb to heal your body…or will you put your faith in the power that created your body in the first place?

Did you forget how amazing your body is and what it’s capable of doing by itself -without any outside help? Every second there are countless processes that take place in your body to keep you alive. Cells regenerate to build new bone, muscles and tissues. Every second, 2.4 millions new red blood cells are created. Their life span is only 100-120 days. Blood sugar is moderated by cells in your pancreas to make sure you don’t faint after chugging a six pack of Coke!

It’s easy to get distracted away from the facts. We live in a world where drug companies try selling their creations with fun and cozy images on TV and in magazines. But don’t be fooled into thinking you “need” something because you “identify” with what you see or hear. Slow down, and remember what you own body is capable of doing all by itself.

When I studied biology as an undergraduate student, one of the courses I took was embryology. Interestingly, what I learned in the lab when studying chick embryos was both “timeless and priceless”. The first tissues to develop in chick embryos, humans and all mammals is called the “primitive streak”. It is the beginning development of the brain and spinal chord.

Now fast forward. At the end of life, how do you determine if life (force) still exists within yourself, a loved one or your favorite pet? Is there a litmus test doctors perform to be certain? Hint…it’s not your pulse or heart rate. The test is an EEG – a brain wave test to see if your brain is firing nerve signals.

“The body’s’ innate intelligence develops
what is most important FIRST and
gives up what is most important LAST”

Throughout your life journey, your chiropractor is the one expert who can help you when you are sick and when you are well because their job is to make sure your brain and your nervous system is firing on all cylinders. 100% expression of your health potential is an insurance policy for well being.

Chiropractors check your nerves, muscles, & joints for short circuit patterns.


We remove interference patterns that affect these tissues. To help you be well, feel better, and improve your bodily functions.

Start putting your faith into your body. It’s a living miracle and it’s up to you to build your health by being proactive, instead of reactive. The central nervous system is the master controller of your body and tells everything what to do. It is the most complicated system in your body that is made up of more than 100 billion nerve cells.

Chiropractic care has a positive impact to improve communication within your body. It’s good for you, and your kids! Why do you think Olympic and professional athletes go to chiropractors…because they want the edge and to be their best. Even elite race horse owners bring by their animals to chiropractors. Invest in yourself and your family. Chiropractic works!

Frustrated with pain and looking for a natural approach to feel better?

Call our Fort Collins chiropractic pain center at 970-493-3100 and schedule an appointment today.  We offer a complimentary 20-minute consultation including free x-ray/MRI review to determine if we can help you. Sit down with Dr. Gil and see how you feel working together.  No strings, No pressure. No charge. Simply our experience working to help you.

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