“Dr. Gil has changed my life. Let me repeat that. . . He has CHANGED MY LIFE. A serious issue with my wrist and hand had plagued me and severely curtailed my life for over 10 years. 5 Doctors, two of them hand surgeons, had strongly advocated surgery but somehow I knew that was not right, so on went the pain, numbness and loss of strength and function…for 10 years! With only 4 treatment sessions by Dr Gil, gently manipulating my head and neck, not so much the wrist/hand, I all of a sudden had full feeling and function in my hand!”
Cathy Iverson, Fort Collins

“In just one session he was able to find not only what was wrong with my foot, but also that my hips were rotated, my legs were uneven due to my hip rotation, and that my back, shoulders, and neck were incredibly immobile. In less than 2 weeks of working with Dr. Coleman, I’ve already noticed incredible improvements.  I have been practicing yoga for about 2 1/2 years and in just the time I’ve been working with Dr. Coleman my yoga practice has improved more than in the last 2 1/2 years I’ve been practicing.  I’m twice as flexible and have accomplished twice the amount of inversions I’ve been working on since I’ve started yoga.”
Janelle Jones, Fort Collins

“Best health dollars I ever spent. I am 67 years old with knee and back pain from mild arthritis. As an active sports (skiing, swimming, et al) guy, I really wanted to get my joints/structure back in good shape to enjoy my retirement. Dr. Gil Coleman took the time to understand my health, and then laid out a program specific to me using all his tools.”
Jim Welch, Fort Collins

“When I called to make my first appointment after hurting my lower back, I actually got a live person to answer the phone. Not only was it a live person, it was Dr. Coleman himself. We must have talked about my situation for about 15 minutes before he even scheduled my appointment. He wanted to gather as much information about me before my first visit which I really appreciated. ”
John LaGuardia, Fort Collins

“Dr. Gil is the first doctor that has really listened to me, and invested in me, in the past seven years without making decisions on how to proceed until he had all of my information.”
Jill Butler Fort Collins

“The orthotics worked great, but the service I got was truly amazing. Dr. Coleman saved my race, and I am grateful for his awesome and kind help on my behalf. He is a sincere and caring professional.”
Meryl Stern, Sterling Colorado

“Within four days of seeing Dr. Gil I was on stage for the opening of the show. Something I didn’t think I would be able to do. As a dancer I have been to many physical therapists, chiropractors and even acupuncture. Dr. Gil was the only Dr. that has given me results like the ones I have now. As well as the time and personal interest I’m me and my body.”
Jenessa Logel, New York, New York

“He called me later to make sure I was okay and said he had communicated with my regular chiropractor back home. I ask you, what doctor bothers with all that these days? Not many. Usually I feel like just another patient on an assembly line. With Dr Coleman I felt genuinely cared for.”
Tez Brooks, Orlando Florida

“His laid-back style, caring, humor and friendly attitude make the visits a true pleasure. It’s not like going to see a doctor or medical practitioner with a distant and uninvolved attitude; it’s like hanging out with an old, treasured friend.”
Bonnie Barlow, Fort Collins

“Your Chiropractic Search is over. Dr Gil is a combination of my “Best” experiences with chiropractic care. Dr. Coleman is the most diverse Chiropractor I have seen. I am 54 years old (2 back surgeries); I started seeing a chiropractor at the age of 15;I am impressed with the thought he gives to each of my appointments, the proactive and progressive design he treats each and every symptom. I have many difficult skeletal problems which challenges Dr. Coleman to really think outside the box. This is when I see the Dr. – “Shine”, I believe the loves a challenge. He approaches my problems with answers. His “Tool Box” of techniques seems to be endless, I love that trait.”
Chris Knutsen, Fort Collins