Fort Collins Foot Orthotics

In recent years many advancements have been made in the treatment of back pain. Over the past decade chiropractic care has increased significantly in popularity as a medical treatment by doctors and patients alike. Instead of medical doctors prescribing invasive surgeries for back pain that often did not work or pain medications that only focused on the symptoms and often times caused other problems, doctors and chiropractors now work together and try to look at what could be the root cause of back pain. Some of the newer trains of thought lean toward correcting the skeletal deformities in the feet with the use of orthopedic devices, along with the use of exercise, physical therapy, chiropractic care, as well as proper nutrition.

If your feet do not have the proper arch (there are 3) support between the heel and toes and or in the ball of the foot, then stress and pressure is directly transmitted to the hips and lower back when walking, running, or simply standing. Fallen or exaggerated arches in the feet can also cause foot pain.

Two common problems related to the arches in the feet are called overpronation and supination. When a foot suffers from overpronation this means that the arch flattens and the foot is rolled or tilted too far inward. If a foot suffers from supination, this causes the arch to be too high and will cause the foot to roll too far outward. Both of these motions, rolling inward or rolling outward, can and will place a lot of excess stress on the joints and muscles in the knees, legs, hips, and or lower back often times resulting in excruciating pain in these areas.

Different types of modern technologies now allow for doctors to precisely determine why feet hurt and offer patients solutions. From bones out of place to ligament and muscle imbalances that cause flat feet, plantar fasciitis and bunions, a custom orthotic or shoe insert that alters the position of your foot can be a true lifesaver.  By correcting the skeletal structure of the foot, this can decrease or eliminate the stress transmitted to hips, legs, knees, and the lower back and thus helping in eliminating pain in these areas of the body without invasive surgeries or pain medications that often cause unwanted side effects. These examples are only a few of the many abnormalities that can be associated with the feet and foot pain.

Because the foot is comprised of 26 separate bones, diagnosis needs to be determined by the proper medical authorities. Treatment is certainly not limited to custom shoe inserts and may coincide with chiropractic treatments as well as address nutrition and exercise along with a variety of other mandates from your doctors. The goal is to treat the cause of the underlying problem thus gaining wellness, not just treating symptoms as may have been done in the past.

Frustrated with foot pain that prevents you from running, walking, or hiking?

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